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Tree Surveys

Gloaming Tree Surgery can carry out in-depth, professional, and thorough tree surveys and tree reports for mortgage and planning applications, as well as for demolition and construction, health and safety, and insurance purposes. If you need a tree survey or tree report, please contact us today for a free consultation.

Local Government Knowledge


Having worked for local government, Gloaming Tree Surgery have vast experience when it comes to tree surveys, tree inspections and tree reports. We can therefore offer a suite of tailored tree inspections, surveys and reports to suit your requirements. Contact us to find out more.

Aerial Tree Inspections


Detailed climbed inspections carried out via rope and harness. An aerial survey can often identify defects not picked up from a ground based survey.

Planning & Development Surveys


Expert BS5837 surveys to support your planning application.

Mortgage & Insurance Surveys


Increasingly tree surveys are a becoming a condition of mortgage offers. Gloaming Tree Surgery in Doncaster can take care of this for you, ensuring your sale or purchase goes smoothly.

Tree Condition & Safety Surveys


Detailed condition surveys ensure that as a tree owner, you fulfill your legal duty of care.

Digital Tree Mapping


We use state of the art digital mapping to plot trees as part of our surveying process.

Contact Gloaming Tree Surgery.

Tree Surveys you can Trust.

If you're searching for a tree surgeon you can trust, then Gloaming Tree Surgery are the perfect choice. We cover all aspects of tree surgery and tree removal, from sympathetic tree pruning to technical tree dismantling and tree felling.

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