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Tree Stump Removal

We provide specialist and expert tree stump removal/grinding through our sister company Stump Monster. Stump Monster can grind your unwanted tree stumps to well below the ground using specialist stump grinding machinery, leaving you with clear ground for paths, driveways, play areas, or room for vegetation. And as with all our services, we can cover South Yorkshire and the whole of the north of England with our tree stump removal/grinding services.

How do we remove tree stumps?


We generally remove tree stumps using specialist stump grinders. Powerful machines that mechanically grind out the main root plate, turning it into harmless sawdust and fine wood chip which can either be disposed of as mulch, or used to re-fill the hole. The area can then be grassed or developed as you wish.


Smaller stump grinding machines can be hired, but they tend to be less powerful and much less effective as a result. They can also be extremely hazardous to inexperienced or untrained operators.

Efficient and safe stump removal/grinding requires a skilled operator using specialist techniques combined with the relevant safety equipment. Our partners at Stump Monster are extremely skilled, fully trained, and fully insured to use the very best tree stump grinding machinery.


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Tree Stump Removal you can Trust.

If you're searching for a tree surgeon you can trust, then Gloaming Tree Surgery are the perfect choice. We cover all aspects of tree surgery and tree removal, from sympathetic tree pruning to technical tree dismantling and tree felling.

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