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Tree Surgeons in Doncaster, Gloaming Tree Surgery, provide a complete range of professional tree surgery services. We cater for both domestic and large scale commercial customers across Doncaster and the surrounding areas. 


Using modern, cutting edge equipment Gloaming Tree Surgery in Doncaster have extensive industry experience, all appropriate qualifications and fully trained staff, plus of course we adhere to industry best practice to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Formative Pruning

Gloaming Tree Surgery can assist with the pruning of young trees to produce a tree free from later defects and weakness.

Crown Thinning

Removing a percentage of live growth to reduce the weight in the canopy and increasing light penetration.

Crown Lifting

Removing specific lower limbs to increase the height clearance beneath the crown.


The removal of the crown back to the main branch framework or main stem.

Crown Reduction & Reshaping

Reducing the size of the crown by carefully reducing the length of branches throughout the canopy.

Tree Felling

Cutting the tree at the base using felling cuts and dropping it in one section.

Sectional Dismantling

Dismantling the tree in sections and carefully lowering them to the ground. This method is used in confined locations where there are buildings or other objects beneath the tree.

Stump Removal

The removal of tree stumps using a stump grinder.

Grounds Maintenance

We are specialists in domestic and commercial grounds maintenance in Doncaster, Rotherham, Barnsley and Worksop. Our grounds maintenance services include grass cutting, shrub maintenance and site clearances of any size. We can carry out one off work or fulfil regular long term commercial contracts, so contact us today to make a booking or get further information.

Hedge Maintenance

Gloaming Tree Surgery offer a complete range of hedge maintenance services in Doncaster, Rotherham, Barnsley and Worksop. From hedge trimming, hedge reductions, hedge re-design, hedge removal and hedge planting. Get in touch today if you would like Gloaming Tree Surgery to turn your unsightly hedge into a work of art.


Tree Surveys

Having worked for local government

Gloaming Tree Surgery have vast experience when it comes to tree surveys, tree inspections and tree reports. We can therefore offer a suite of tailored tree inspections, surveys and reports to suit your requirements. Contact us to find out more.

Mortgage & Insurance Surveys

Increasingly tree surveys are a becoming a condition of mortgage offers. Gloaming Tree Surgery in Doncaster can take care of this for you, ensuring your sale or purchase goes smoothly.

Aerial Tree Inspections

Detailed climbed inspections carried out via rope and harness. An aerial survey can often identify defects not picked up from a ground based survey.

Tree Condition & Safety Surveys

Detailed condition surveys ensure that as a tree owner, you fulfill your legal duty of care.

Planning & Development Surveys

Expert BS5837 surveys to support your planning application.

Digital Tree Mapping

We use state of the art digital mapping to plot trees as part of our surveying process.


Protected Trees

Extensive Planning Experience.

Gloaming Tree Surgery in Doncaster specialise in working on protected trees. We have extensive experience in the planning system through James's experience working in local government as a Tree Officer in Rotherham. We work closely with the local authorities in Doncaster, Rotherham, Barnsley, Worksop and surrounding areas and have a trusted reputation for work on protected trees. Gloaming Tree Surgery of Doncaster usually act as the tree owners agent and acquire planning consent for work to protected trees. We offer this service at no additional cost.

What is a protected tree and how do I know if I have one?


Protected trees include those covered by a tree preservation order (TPO) or those which grow in a conservation area. Either way planning consent needs to be acquired before any work is carried out to the tree unless it is dead or imminently hazardous. Further information can be found on protected trees and planning law at the Arboricultural Association website.

Emergency Response

We are available for emergency tree surgery in Doncaster, Rotherham, Barnsley, Worksop and surrounding areas 24 hours a day. We can help with any tree related emergency problem following extreme weather conditions. If there is a risk to people or property or access has been compromised please give us a call we'd be happy to help. We are always on hand to provide expert emergency tree services.

Extreme weather conditions are becoming common place throughout the whole of South Yorkshire and across the UK. Every year a significant number of trees fall on houses, cars, buildings, structures, power lines, etc. Thunder storms, high winds and heavy snowfall can cause tree branches to break off or cause trees to topple over, often causing extensive damage. For this reason, dying trees that cannot be saved or dead trees in close proximity to residential properties should be removed before severe weather can knock them down.

We can be contacted at any time for impartial help or emergency assistance on 07735 315721 and we cover Doncaster, Rotherham, Barnsley, Worksop and all of the surrounding areas.

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As part of our commitment to sustainability and recycling, we are able to offer wood chip, un-split green timber in all sizes, split and seasoned firewood logs, hard wood, soft wood, mixed loads in different quantities, all of which can be delivered right to your door. Please call or email us for further details.

We have the logs you need to make sure you stay warm and cosy this winter. 
Small Bag of Seasoned Mixed Logs
£5 per bag or 2 bags for £9
Large Bag of Seasoned Mixed Logs
£8 per bag or 2 bags for £15
XL Builders Bag of Mixed Logs
£60 per bag
XL Builders Bag of Hardwood Logs
£70 per bag
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